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Mick Hutchings

Musical Biography
I joined The Guv'nors in November 2002 through the usual rock 'n' roll route - a free ad in Loot.

I've spent the last 15 years playing the London circuit, which included a three year stint with The Bar Studs. I've also done numerous sessions with acts in many different genres, ranging from 'Lovers Rock' with Jackie Robinson & Sydney Crooks (The Pioneers) to 'Cock Rock' with Peter French (Atomic Rooster/Cactus).

My main formative influences were players like Nile Rodgers, Pete Townshend and Tom Johnson. As a consequence, I have always leaned more towards the rhythm side of things - which can be a useful attribute when on the same stage as Bob!

I've never been a big fan of the blues, so I was initially suprised at the kick I got out of playing with The Guv'nors. The reason? While the band's foundation may have grown out of the blues, the band currently sits upon a bedrock of funk and groove!