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Graham Wright

Musical Biography
I like music that moves me. I am also a self confessed bass freak and enjoy all things related. Not suprisingly then, these elements reflect in my tastes which spread across the whole musical spectrum. With a new piece of music it is always the bass that I hear first. So even as a scrawny 12 year old with my first 6 string acoustic, (12 quid from Bells at Surbiton....!) I quickly discarded the B and top E and concentrated on picking out bass parts on the remaining strings.

Taste wise, I like the attitude of John Lee Hooker, the power and majesty of Hendrix, the genius of Prince, the swagger of Keith Richards, the emotion of John Martyn, the other worldliness of Jaco, the swing of Django, the wordplay of Joni, the pop sensibility of Chrissie Hynde, the raw excitement of the Chilis and the energy and funk of James Brown. Of course, then there is the deep desert blues of Tinariwen...... Respect,.. great respect to all.

In the late 80s, I helped create a rough and ready r&b band which we called 'Rats Patoot', generally recognised as the most mis-spelt name on the local circuit. (Ratz Spitoon was probably the best.) I also spent some time with soul band 'Some Like It Hot' and was also in an early incarnation of the Graham Robins Band. I have fond memories of all of them.

But it was the phone call from Bob Hokum that led me to the dark side. He was looking for a leather jacketed yobby bass player. I hope I've lived up to the expectation.

Long before being invited to join their ranks, I used to go and see the Guv'nors whenever they played nearby. They were the only band worth the effort. I have great respect for members of the Guv'nors that I have played with. I am in a place I want to be...........until I get found out.

I also work the bottom end of The Robert Hokum Blues Band.

My thanks goes out to the following;
Ray at
Ray Cooper Guitars, Mike at Zoot Bass, Martin at The Bass Gallery and Nick at The Bass Centre.